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Reumodol side effects

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Reumodol: Is this Supplement Really Answer Arthritis  and Joint Problems?

Reumodol offers  a great way for you to combat pain. You can purchase a bottle via or from the official Reumodol website. The ingredients found in Reumodol include collagen, boswellia, Methylsulfonylmethane, Chondroitin and Glucosamine Sulfate.

Reumodol is affordable at $25 per bottle and is easily accessible because it can be purchased online. You can also obtain customer information about the product on the official site and However, the official site is riddled with errors and this does not help build a credible reputation for the product. Moreover, there are no clinical studies or medical endorsements that Reumodol actually works neither are there are any free trial offers.

Reumodol is not an exceptional supplement when compared with other joint pain supplements on the market. But users have stated that having taken this supplement, it has helped to repair existing tissue damage and reinforce their joints against inflammation, breakdown and degeneration.

Reumodol promises fast-action relief for people suffering from arthritis, join inflammation and back complications.  Some users have testified towards the efficacy of the product and how it helps to suppress pains in the joints, bones, muscles and more.

Reumodol comes with an amazing and 100% all natural patented formula. It comprises of traditional medicine from Mexico and South America that dates back as much as 1,000 years. This is complemented with scientific discoveries centered on the extraction and processing of these natural ingredients.  These ingredients are purified using cutting edge techniques. This is the reason why some people believe Reumodol delivers fast results.

2 Reumodol tablets are to taken every 12 hours if you are suffering from any form of muscular discomfort or joint pain. If you notice a drastic drop in the pain, you can cut your dosage by half and take 1 Reumodol tablet every 12 hours.

Reumodol tablets are specially fortified and contain 1250mg of a potent nature formula alongside 1500mg of Glucosamine. This makes Reumodol a unique product in the marketplace and amongst users. It contains strong anti-inflammatory ingredients that curb pain and help restore the conditioning of the skeletal system.

It is possible to notice a positive change in just a few days after using the drug. However, most people see changes in 2 weeks after using 2 tablets of Reumodol daily. It is said that everyone is meant to improve after a month of constant use. If your problems persist after this duration, see a doctor and let him check out your condition.

Important Safe Sex Tips for HIV Partners

Who said that being HIV-positive is a termination to your sex life? There is a whole range of possibilities of enjoying a safe sex life among HIV partners. HIV/AIDS is a reality that in spite of precautionary measures to avoid infection, it is always advisable to prepare for cases of infection. Whether HIV singles or partners, there should be no reason to shut down a significant aspect of your life as a sex one.

Some of the safe sex tips for HIV partners are discussed below.

• The most common option for safe sex among HIV partners is perhaps the use of condoms. Regardless of the sexual practice (vaginal, anal, or oral), condoms offer the best protection among HIV partners. It is nevertheless key to agree with your partner, this creates an atmosphere of acceptance that enhances the correct use of condoms and greater protection from recurrent infections.

• Notwithstanding, condoms are not solely the option for safe sex for HIV partners, although it still it is the most feasible alternative. Other choices exist in incorporating antiretroviral therapy and HIV treatment, which offer great minimization chances for infection.

• Ensuring/observing a strict HIV medication or treatment procedure goes a long way in helping to lower the HIV viral load in the body. This helps in depressing the chances of transmitting the HIV virus to your partner. It is very key to know that, against the backdrop of all your efforts for safe sex, the virus cannot be completely flushed out of your system and however low the virus load in your blood gets, you remain infectious to your partner.

• Abstinence from penetrative sex is another good option, if you are willing and capable of committing to it. Most people would dismiss any activity that either does not involve vaginal, anal, or oral penetration as sex. However, equal satisfaction can still be obtained from such practices as masturbation and the use of sex toys. This can go either way, first decide with your partner on the conviction of this measure and then explore innovative ways that can deliver optimal sexual pleasure for both of you. Not having penetrative sex is perhaps the surest safer sex practices because among HIV partners.

• Being creative with the sexual activities that you and your partner practice is also a safer sex strategy among HIV partners. Oral sex and anal sex are regarded as the most risky practices among HIV partners – they carry a greater risk for possible infection to the receptive partner. It is advisable to discuss this with your partner, pointing out what you both enjoy and how to incorporate cautious ideas that delivers all the pleasures of a healthy sex life while cushioning yourself from preventable infection.

The tendency of most HIV singles to discard all precautionary sex measures is the worst thing to ever think of. You and your partner can still enjoy a healthy lifetime of normality in your lives by observing very simple easy to observe measures. Use protection at every possible leeway for infection. This starts by accepting your status and then creating an understanding between you and your partner.

On the other hand, HIV singles should limit the number of sexual partners in their life. Screening regularly to monitor the other sexually transmitted infections such as genital herpes, syphilis, and gonorrhea, among others that can be catalytic to severity of HIV infection is vital. This helps in tackling them individually before they advance to ensure easy containment of the HIV virus load in the body while avoiding any possible recurrent HIV infection.

Ketoconazole Shampoos Deliver Benefits for Scalp Conditions

First developed in 1976, ketoconazole has been available on the market since 1981. Topical formulations of 1% ketoconazole are available without a prescription, and the drug is used in a number of products as a result. The drug is an anti-fungal agent that is effective against an array of fungal microorganisms. When the drug comes in contact with fungi, it changes the structure of the protective outer covering of their cells known as the cell wall. These changes cause an imbalance inside of the cells that leads to their destruction.

One of the fungi that ketoconazole is effective at eliminating is malassezia. Nearly all people have traces of this yeast on their skin and don’t experience any symptoms as a result; however, in some individuals, the scalp becomes overpopulated with malassezia, resulting in a very common condition–dandruff! While the yellow, gray and white flakes that signify the presence of dandruff can also be caused by dry skin, scalp irritation and poor hygiene, the yeast seems to play a role in many cases. As a result, many dandruff shampoos and topical treatments contain 1% ketoconazole.

Research into the benefits of ketoconazole continues today, and studies indicate it may have uses beyond the treatment of fungal infections and dandruff. A 1998 trial at the Department of Dermatopathology at the University of Liège in Belgium and published in the journal “Dermatology” found that men who used a ketoconazole hair loss shampoo experienced an improvement in symptoms. Since the study, many researchers have worked to determine how the drug benefits those with alopecia. One theory is that malasezia may play a role in hair loss by causing inflammation that increases the rate of shedding. Another is that ketoconazole interferes with the actions of a male sex hormone called DHT, which is responsible for symptoms of male pattern baldness. Hair loss shampoos like Regenepure DR or Regenepure NT stop the production of DHT and remove buildup from the scalp’s hair follicles. After totally cleansing the scalp, these shampoos stimulate the hair follicles to increase growth.

While science continues to work to understand all of the benefits of ketoconazole, doctors continue to recommend the topical solution and shampoos that contain the drug to patients dealing with dandruff and symptoms of hair loss. Although shampoos do not require a doctor’s prescription, those facing symptoms of hair loss should seek the advice of a doctor, as some serious medical conditions and dietary deficiencies can lead to thinning.

By Simon Shamay – Hair Loss Expert at