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Cimavax EGF in Canada

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Between the year 1980 and 2008, the mortality rate of lung cancer in women has doubled. Each years, it is seen a growth of 1.7%, while among men the rate is being reduced by 2%. According to a research, 28.6% of women aged 18-64 years and is estimated that 7.6 million people died due to lung cancer, a number that it is expected to increase to 11 million in year 2030. It is quite possible that two of the biggest concerns of health-related problems in any country in the world are cancer and AIDS.

Although there are other diseases that have less “press” and charge a huge amount of victims every year, especially in tropical regions, the truth is that getting a vaccine effective against AIDS or cancer are among the main objectives of laboratories around the world. Fortunately, the battle against lung cancer has won a new step, it is a therapeutic vaccine rather than preventive, developed by recombinant technology advanced lung cancer, ClimaVax EGF, that was created in Cuba by scientists at the Molecular Immunology Center Havana.

This Cuban drug was prepared after 15 years of research and is currently being administered in 65 health centers in Cuba and they have taken steps necessary to register in Colombia, Argentina, Brazil and several other nations. According to Cuban experts, the drug cannot prevent disease but to control advanced cancer to generate antibodies against proteins that trigger the uncontrolled cell proliferation processes. It consists of a therapeutic tool that is part of the field of immunotherapy, in which it is intended that the patient’s immune system triggers an effective response to control the growth of tumors.

The vaccine is composed of epidermal growth factor protein and P-64 K of the membrane, obtained by recombinant means. The vaccine was successfully applied to more than 1000 patients in Cuba, where the health record was held in June 2008. The result is that the vaccine extends survival time of patients, but does not prevent or cure lung cancer. Specialists described the vaccine as very promising that soon others will come into being tested in China and will open doors in Asia. It also expected next clinical trial in countries like Britain, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia.

According to the project leader, they are working with the principle of this vaccine with the intent to use in developing therapies against other tumors such as breast, uterus and prostate cancer. If you want to know more about CimaVax EGF in Canada, browsing the web can be a great help.

Truffle Allergy

Truffle allergy may not exactly be that typical allergy you suffer. And if you have this, you really have to be cautious enough. It can also be complicated to cope with it.

Truffle is an uncommon mushroom that grows in trees. This is also widely used by famous chefs out there to prepare that yummy and good tasting food. This is also very expensive and this is considered as “the diamond of the kitchen”. This is rarely found but is commonly used in Greek, Italian, Spanish, Asian cuisines.

Among the symptoms you will often notice when you have truffle allergy are the redness and itchiness. There will also be huge blemishes all over the body which tend to be discomforting and warm. Stomach pain and numbness will also be felt by a sufferer.

Some people can tolerate the allergy but may somehow experience difficulty in breathing. This is due to the loss in oxygen and extreme pain. Other reactions in the body can also be experienced that only aggravate the condition.

For those people who have history of allergies, they may as well be extra careful in the foods they eat. If you have a truffle allergy, you must avoid eating treats that contain the ingredient. Anti-allergy drugs can be taken in case you are allergic to truffle. But, before taking any of these drugs, it is rather a good idea asking permission from your physician. If the symptoms still continue to exist, call your doctor.

Stay away from truffle food and read on the ingredients emphasized on packaged foods. Better yet, inform the dining places about the truffle allergy. When you do all these things, you can be happily satisfied without undergoing any hospitalization.

If you have mistakenly consumed it, you only have to take an anti-allergy medicine at the soonest possible time. But, you have to call your physician in times when things get worse. You will be examined and verified prior to the reaction you have on the medicine.

In addition, a truffle allergy may range from mild to severe and it may bring you a little discomfort. Other serious issues may include breathing difficulty, vomiting and death. Other symptoms that may occur include seizures, breathing difficulties, numbness, unconsciousness and serious attack.

Truffle allergy and other symptoms related should be eliminated right away. This way, you can avoid other severe reactions that leave you stressed out.

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