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Many people nowadays are turning to reumofan plus to ease their arthritis pain. The website makes many claims about the all-natural ingredients have no side effects and how they can be used a lot without developing a tolerance to them. A select number of people around the world have noticed that they have experienced many side effects after taking these pills. A number of these side effects were synonymous with steroid abuse. These people have started a campaign to find out exactly what the reumofan plus ingredients are. The first lab reports are in, and it really doesn’t look pretty. Let’s take a look at what the report found.

First off, no steroids were found present within the pills used for this laboratory report. There is a chance that the ingredients used in the pills are fairly erratic and steroids could be found in other batches. I shall not discuss this though as of yet there is no legitimate proof that this is true. What I can discuss however are the ingredients that this laboratory report highlighted.

The ingredients list starts out fairly normal. Ok it isn’t natural but it can pass due to its use in many pharmaceutical products as well as a food additive. This ingredient is called ‘Triethyl Citrate’ and is used for the coating of the tablet.

Perhaps the most dangerous drug that inhibited this pill is ‘Robaxin’, this is a known drug that becomes addictive. It acts as a mild sedative. It also has a number of unsavoury side effects such as mood changes and skin rashes. It can even change the colour of your urine black. The most dangerous thing about this chemical is that it is forbidden for use in older people. Now think about it, who are the people that are most likely to need reumofan plus to relieve them of their symptoms?

The active ingredient is thought to be Diproqualone. This drug is normally associated with relieving inflammation with the body. You can look on the positive side that at least one of the ingredients in reumofan plus is doing what it says. Of course however, it’s not natural. Regular use of this drug will stop it being as potent and therefore it will not relieve your symptoms after some use.

It quickly starts becoming more dangerous as time goes on. Luckily the first chemical highlighted is likely to be a false match. This is DOTFM which has successful been used a substitute for LSD, which of course means it isn’t the safest type of drug in the world, particularly if the person taking the pill is already prone to hallucinations.

I am not saying that all pills that are marketed as ‘Reumofan Plus’ contain these ingredients. In fact many of the pills may be fairly legitimate and contain natural ingredients. It could be assumed that many manufacturers are jumping on the bandwagon due to the popularity of the product and supplying these fake pills. It does highlight however that there are irregularities between the pills and until these irregularities are sorted out the import should be banned. This is for the health of many of the people taking it. If you want to relieve the symptoms of your arthritis then get to your doctor, they know what to prescribe you and you will feel much better because of it.

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Reumofan Plus Information

Reumofan Plus Information-Claims of the manufacturer

                When people want to try something new, they always ought to retrieve the real facts. Such is true in looking for a supplement that can regulate pain due to arthritis. Arthritis is a condition that involves a lot of pain. Back pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, knee pain, toe pain, finger pain, and hip pain, as long as the problem originates in the inflammation of joints, then it is most likely arthritis. If by chance you are one of the people experiencing this real-life torture, then you better get your hopes up by knowing what Reumofan Plus is all about.

What is Reumofan Plus?

Reumofan Plus is a supplement that works like a pro in managing and conquering all kinds of pain caused by arthritis. However, one must know that there are around 100 types of arthritis. Above all these types, three stands out as the leading and most prevalent: Rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, and osteoarthritis. All three types are actually receptive to Reumofan Plus’ therapeutic effects. The catch behind Reumofan Plus’ undeniably promising success is its quality and contents. Quality refers to the products’ efficacy. According to studies conducted prior to its release, Reumofan is highly effective in curing arthritis through long-term use. In addition, its contents are all-natural and are invariably organic. Organic refers to the state of being carbon-based. The law of mixture states: “like dissolves like”, so it is accurate to say that the human body readily dissolves organic substances as it is in itself 95% organic.

What does Reumofan Plus do?

                In a more subtle approach, Reumofan Plus could be noted as a medication against pain; hence, it can simply be categorized as painkiller. However, unknown to all, Reumofan Plus does more than simply stopping pain. It’s not called Reumofan Plus if it doesn’t have additional advantages after all. The supplement is packed with approximately 30 or more active ingredients. Above all its components however, some stand out as the leading ingredients. There’s glucosamine, tarahumaras, gausima, eastern teaberry,   white willow, Vitamins C and E, and even calcium and magnesium, all are pretty much directed into fighting against arthritis. Conversely, most of these substances and compounds have other beneficial to therapeutic effects as well.  Gausima could prevent hair loss, Tarahumaras could regulate diabetes, white willow could be used as an aspirin, and the list of benefits goes on and on.

At Reumofan Plus, you are guaranteed that you are getting what you are reading. Let the facts speak for themselves and you might be surprised how these facts remain to be factual after trying this supplement.

Reumofan plus for sale

Purchasing Your Very Own Reumofan Plus

                If you are tired of experiencing pain all over your body due to arthritis and if you are dying to obtain something for instant relief, you better know which product to use and to purchase. Forget about having to do with your conventional and old-time liniments that give you unpleasant smell. Also, forget about those pills and tablets that give you more hassle in swallowing them before you get to enjoy their target effects. Out to the old, and in to the new, Reumofan Plus may be the right one for you.

Reumofan Plus is an all-natural supplement that is already out in the market today. This product is highly recommended for use against all types of pain due to arthritis. The supplement is now growing in popularity all over the country. And if you are one of the people who are already going nuts in having your own supply, then listen up. Here are some of the ways by which you can purchase your very own Reumofan Plus.

  • Visit your local pharmacy. The best place to check for available Reumofan Plus stocks especially the new ones is the pharmacy. Obtaining any drug or supplement through the pharmacy is actually pretty convenient. The number one advantage of this type of market is that a lot of people tend to patronize it, so you are assured that the ones you be buying are fresh stocks straight from the manufacturers.
  • Talk to the businessmen. Unlike your typical market, there are actually manufacturers that believe in the power of business talk. That’s why a lot of them tend to invest in walk-in telemarketers. These people go round the clock and literally go all over the place to sales talk prospect buyers. The advantage however of purchasing your stocks from them is they give out big, big discounts and reasonable to good package promos. And may you not forget that they also give more discounts to loyal clients.
  • Look and shop online. Another interesting type of market where you might want to put your hands into is the online world. If you haven’t tried checking or purchasing stuff online, then you might be surprised how online sites offer you more options to buy your own Reumofan Plus. Not only do they give you more product package to choose from, they also tend to give high discounts plus they also take credit on delivering their products for free to members.

Whether you want to make that purchase personally, or have someone to come knocking on your door over, or even just go online shopping, what you need to remember is to ensure that the product your purchasing is all worth your penny.

Reumofan Plus

Manufacturers claims: 100% Natural Arthritis Pain Reliever – Reumofan Plus Information

Reumofan Plus is a very popular natural remedy for relieving pain associated with arthritis, however there is little Reumofan Plus information out there to explain exactly how the product works.

The Reumofan Plus information available lists the products as a 100% natural supplement made of glucosamine, holm oak, eastern teaberry, guasima, vitamins C and E, shark cartilage, magnesium, calcium and other natural ingredients. All of these ingredients help with bone health, however it is not yet certain how exactly do they work to relieve pain associated with arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout and muscular pains. One thing is for sure: it works so well that many consumers say it is Mexico’s miracle medication.

The recommended dosage is of one tablet every twelve hours. As you are starting to feel better reduce the dose to one tablet per day, then one tablet every other day. Reumofan Plus claims to immediately relieve arthritis pain and keep the user energized using only herbal ingredients. Because there are very few remedies available for arthritis sufferers, you don’t really have other products to compare it to.

Studies conducted on Reumofan Plus reported no side effects to the user, however because it is a supplement and not an actual drug, this claim is not supported by the FDA. Still, there is a warning regarding possible side effects for users who are taking blood thinners.

No common side effects are listed, but some users have reported tightness of the chest, a rise in blood pressure, or speeding pulse. To be on the safe side, it is recommended to consult a physician and ask for more Reumofan Plus information before starting the treatment.

Most users, however, are extremely pleased with the all natural product and report at least a decrease, if not complete disappearance of joint and muscular pain after taking the recommended dosage of Reumofan Plus. Although there is little substantial information on this homeopathic treatment, it does appear as a safer and more effective alternative to drastic prescription medications such as Tramadol. If your doctor considers it safe for you to try out this natural remedy, you can find it online on various websites.

Natural remedies containing miraculous herbs are preferred by many people, but keep in mind that Reumofan Plus is a natural supplement and it should not replace your prescription medication. Do not take it longer than necessary and remember to reduce the dose as recommended once you are feeling better.

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Reumofan Plus Side Effects

Thousands of people each day rely on Reumofan Plus to relieve their symptoms of arthritis, in particular rheumatism. If you are one of these people go grab the bottle now. Take a look at it and you will notice that it claims that it contains natural ingredients. Now take another look, you will notice that it has not been endorsed by any pharmaceutical board, at the most it will have FDA approval. What the bottle isn’t tell you however is that this pill is not made out of all natural ingredients, in fact, that is far from the truth. Recent laboratory reports have shown that it contains a number of rather dangerous chemicals if they are taken over a longer period of time, what’s worse is that this pill can end up being fatal to the older generation. Let’s take a look at the lab report.

I mentioned that one drug in this pill is dangerous to old people. This drug is known as Methocarbamol, or you may know it as it’s trade name ‘Robaxin’. My mother, who is a pharmacist let out an audible gasp when I told her that this pill contains that. This drug is normally never prescribed by doctors due to the potential side effects that it have. When it is prescribed to people it is NEVER prescribed to older people. The side effects are hideous ranging from random fainting, to drowsiness to a change in the colour of your urine. It really is not pleasant.

Would you ever try LSD? No, of course you wouldn’t. Reumofan Plus may contain a drug that has been successfully substituted for LSD in trials relating to rats. Luckily there is a good chance that this drug presence was simply a false match. However would you really want to take it if there is a good chance that a hallucinogenic drug can be found within the pill? I certainly wouldn’t.

The creators of Reumofan Plus state that the pill is made of all natural ingredients which help ease the pain. If this is the case however, how do they explain the presence of Diproqualone? This drug is a well-known drug for easing inflammation in the body. It is suspected that this is the main active ingredient within the pill, however tests were inconclusive about what the main function of this reumofan plus ingredient actually is. It is fair to state however, this batch of pills that have been tested do not function on natural ingredients.

Of course, this lab report was based on one batch of pills. I understand that reumofan plus is manufactured in a number of different factories and whilst some may stick to the ‘natural ingredients’ it is clear that not all of them are. Therefore I believe that more stringent checking needs to be brought into place, otherwise reumofan plus should be taken off the market. It is in my opinion that the drug is too dangerous to be marketed in the way that it currently is, especially since it is based on nothing more than a pack of lies.



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Reumofan Plus Ingredients

Reumofan Plus boasts that it is full of all natural ingredients, but recent lab reports show that this claim may not be 100% true. I am not saying that all of the reumofan plus pills contain these ingredients, there are contradictory views on the subject matter, and other lab reports indicate that they don’t. I feel that it is worth bringing to your attention this recent lab report however and you can then make a decision on whether Reumofan Plus is the best pill for your needs.

The first ingredient that Reumofan Plus could contain is known as ‘Triethyl Citrate’, you shouldn’t really worry about this however. An abundance of it can normally be found in food and it is generally used as a coating for pills. You will more likely than not have ingested this chemical at some point in your life.

Things start going a little crazy from the second ingredient onwards however. Tests are unclear on this and it may be a false match. There are indications that your pill can contain something called ‘Guaifensesin’ which is normally used for unblocking airways of phlegm, which obviously doesn’t sound very pleasant. Why this is present in a arthritis pill is anybody’s guess. Although as I have mentioned previously there is a good chance that this is a false match.

Test results showed that 12.2% of the pill consisted of a psychedelic drug which is prone to causing hallucinations, the short name of this chemical is known as DOTFM and is regularly used a substitute for LSD.

There is at least one natural ingredient in the pill however. This comes in the form of ‘Palmitic Acid’ which is normally found in the oil of palm trees.  It is a well-known hunger-suppressant as it kills the cells in your pancreas.

There is a rather dangerous chemical contained in the pill according the lab report. This is known as methocarbamol. This is generally used as a muscle relaxant, but there are a number of high risk side effects that can be caused by using this particular drug. Due to these side effects this drug is on a list of ‘high risk’ drugs for the elderly and should not be taken by them. It does not seem sensible placing that type of drug in a pill that is mainly going to be used by the older generation.

There is one chemical that is subject to a number of stringent guidelines in the United States. This chemical is known as Phenylacetic Acid. The reason why it is restricted in the United States is because it is used for meth production. Which does beg the question, how are the manufacturers getting hold of this chemical and most importantly, how are they allowed to release the pill as a ‘all natural’ remedy when they use this restricted chemical?

As you can see, there is a good chance that the makers of Reumofan Plus are lying to us. The pill is not all natural ingredients, many people knew that it was too good to be true. If these test results are correct, and there is no reason why they shouldn’t be then the manufacturers need to be brought to account and the pill should be removed from the market.