Brintellix and Alcohol

Brintellix Side-Effects You Should be Aware Of

Brintellix is a drug that is used as an antidepressant for the most part, and according to many experts, it really works. However, as the drug contains vortioxetine as its main component, it may cause a number of different side-effects.

Given below are the primary types of side-effects caused by the drug:


Brintellix may lead to a number of side-effects that are physical. Occurrence of blood in urine, or stool, is one such side-effect. Some patients may experience a decrease in urine output as a result of taking the drug, too. Other than that, physical problems like headache, diarrhea, muscle pain, and fever may occur. In addition, the person may get spots on the skin having red, or purple, color, experience unusual bruising, and excessive sweating. Tiredness, trembling, and swelling of the hands and face are other physical side-effects that may be triggered by brintellix.


In addition to leading to physical issues, brintellix may cause certain mental problems, as well. Dizziness and confusion are two problems that may occur after taking the drug. Apart from that, a patient may get anxiety, depression, and insomnia as a result of relying on the same. Some other problems that may be caused by the drug are sleepiness, poor concentration, mood swings, and unusual dreams. In rare cases, intake of brintellix may lead to coma, too.


In a small number of cases, brintellix may create a range of functional issues in the body. Irregular heartbeat is one thing that may result from taking the drug. Also, relying on it too much may make overall coordination of the body poor. The drug may make reflexes overactive, too.

Marine Phytoplankton Side Effects

Marine Phytoplankton Side-Effects or Risks

Marine phytoplankton supplements are marketed by advertising them as very safe. It is said that they have the ability to cure a range of different serious ailments. Manufacturers are often found labeling their supplements as ‘all natural’ and whatnot to attract customers and send the message that their supplements are not harmful in any way. However, marine phytoplankton supplements are not some amazing super-foods as they are claimed to be by their makers. If trusted without caution, using them may create many problems.

A basic risk

The most basic risk that is associated with marine phytoplankton supplements is the risk of the unknown. As horrifying as it may sound, the fact of the matter is that the US Food and Drug Administration does not scrutinize contents present inside supplements very carefully. When it comes to ordinary food items, the agency takes a strong stand, of course, but not when it comes to supplements. Usually, supplements are allowed to be present in the market even when their labels do not mention every single ingredient contained in them. That is dangerous, since there is no way of knowing what exactly a marine phytoplankton supplement really contains. Also, the FDA does not care a lot about the safety of supplements, either. In other words, although most people think that the law is there to protect them from harmful supplements – that is not the case.

The issue of toxin

Scientists often say that the biggest culprit that makes ocean water toxic naturally is phytoplankton. The reason is that, sometimes, phytoplankton species may act in strange ways and end up producing toxins. The condition is usually called Harmful Algae Blood, or HAB. When a part of an ocean gets affected by HAB, it can become so toxic that even eating shellfish found in the region may make humans sick. The significance of this is that it is very much possible for a supplement to contain a small amount of toxic phytoplankton, too.

Super Beta Prostate Side Effects

Common Super Beta Prostate Side-Effects

Super Beta Prostate is a supplement made of natural components. Among other things, it contains beta-sitosterol. The primary job of the supplement is to eliminate symptoms associated with enlarged prostate. In other words, the supplement is used to fight benign prostatic hyperplasia, shortly known as BPH. It is believed that, in addition to improving overall urinary tract function, the supplement helps in regulating urinary flow.

However, here, we are not going to take a look at the benefits the supplement provides. Instead, we are going to discuss its side-effects.

Common side-effects

Even though Super Beta Prostate is a supplement, the occurrence of side-effects due to its use is rare. That said, although not very common, there are certain issues that may arise when it is consumed on a regular basis.

First of all, the use of the supplement may cause heartburn, or indigestion. Diarrhea and nausea may also occur. Additionally, some users report experiencing constipation due to its use, too! Note, here, that all of the aforementioned side-effects are gastrointestinal in nature, and occur because of the presence of beta-sitosterol in the supplement.

Not all side-effects caused by the use of Super Beta Prostate are gastrointestinal in nature, though. A number of sexual side-effects may occur as a result of using the supplement, too, as beta-sitosterol has the ability to influence male hormones like testosterone and dihydrotestosterone in different ways. Decreased sexual drive is one condition that may result from the use of the supplement. Another issue that may arise is erectile dysfunction.

Apart from causing the above issues, beta-sitosterol may make it difficult for the body to absorb the vitamins A and E. This is the reason why those who rely on Super Beta Prostate are encouraged to take additional vitamin supplements.

In addition to everything mentioned above, the supplement may lead to the occurrence of allergic reactions in certain cases. Hives and rashes are two allergic reactions that may be triggered by the supplement. Swelling and itching are two other things that may occur. Some users of the supplement report experiencing wheezing, or breathing difficulty, as well.

FUT vs. FUE Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is a never lasting technique of hair refurbishment by means of your current hair. The growing is enduring as giver hair taken from the back of the scalp, has a lifespan durability in comparison to the hair on top of the scalp, which is gone owing to hereditary characteristic. After three months of transplantation procedure the hair starts growing according to the normal hair growth cycle.

Hair naturally grows in bunches of of 1 to 4 hairs. These days most advanced techniques produce and relocate these naturally occurring 1–4 hair in their natural groupings. So, modern hair transplantation can achieve by mimicking nature hair for hair.

There are two methods of hair transplantation available, one is the Follicular Unit extraction (FUE) and the other one is the Strip harvesting method also known as Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). Both methods are used by people and are suitable for the majority of patients, but both the methods have their own advantages and drawbacks. But which method an individual should go for depends on their individual needs after consulting with a hair transplant professional.

With Follicular Hair Transplantation (FUT), patients are given local anesthesia in the donor part of his scalp. A donor stripe is then removed and the area is sewed. This characteristically leaves a fine mark that’s with no trouble concealed by your left behind hair. The follicular units are then divided under minuscule controller into natural groups of one, two and three hair follicular units.

With Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), specialists still make use of the follicular unit method to hair rebuilding; however as an alternative of eliminating a donor strip, they take away one distinct follicular unit at a time. The equipment that is used for follicular unit extraction (FUE) is so minor that the donor area is left with little, nearly too small to see the marks.

The removal technique is one of the most imperative and conclusive aspects in any hair transplant. The emphasis is not on removing as many implants as likely, but on the excellence of the hair roots, as they play a pivotal part in deciding whether the implants take root.

In the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique, the size of the punch needles is the deciding factor. Selecting the correct size reduces harm to the donor area. Therefore, the finer the punch needle used, the lesser amount of harm is instigated to the membrane in the donor area and the less noticeable the removal is. The extracted hair root should be very sensibly arranged for the transplant.

The knowledge procedure compulsory to chief Follicular Unit extraction (FUE) is extra rigorous and laborious than when by means of Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) known as strip harvesting. In conjunction with a definite character, countless existences of practice are necessary for a hair surgeon to efficaciously carry out transplantation with the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)method. Fundamental achievement aspects comprise of the precise usage of the minu test likely punch needles, perfect Follicular Unit superiority and skilled understanding of transplantation modus operandi.

Crown and Bridge Modern Dental Techniques

crowns-and-bridges-240x240Modern dentistry is getting ever more innovative. There are a number of technologies and treatments available to increase the longevity of our teeth. There are many ways to fix and care for teeth that have been damaged or gone bad. Two common restorative devices available are the crown and bridge.

Dental Crown

A dental crown is a cap that fits over your original tooth. A cap is normally made in a dental laboratory prepared by a dental technician ready to be fitted by your dentist. There are a variety of reasons for using a crown. A damaged tooth is the most common reason to have a crown. For example, if there has been a large filling, and little tooth remaining, a crown helps strengthen the tooth. It can also help the functioning of the tooth ie to chew food with. A crown can improve the appearance of teeth by adjusting the alignment of the crown and changing the shape. A crown can be made of many different materials. Most are made of porcelain or ceramic but manufacturers are always adapting the materials to improve the end product. A tooth crown can be also be used as part of a dental bridge.

Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is a replacement tooth that is used if you have missing teeth. Teeth naturally move to fill gaps in the mouth. This can lead to crooked teeth, therefore a well fitting false tooth attached between the adjoining teeth ‘bridges’ the gap, keeping your teeth nicely aligned. Dental bridges are important to keep the patients teeth looking good but also to keep the functionality and comfort of their teeth.

Dental professionals are always looking for ways to make restorations and dental devices better. There is an increasing need to improve the appearance and longevity of crowns and bridges.

How To Lead a Healthier Life Even With A Busy Schedule

In today’s date, most people do not find enough time to maintain a balanced lifestyle due to their work pressure. Busy lifestyle leads to non-consumption of nutritious food that increases stress level in the body. Poor diet may also result in other problems related to the health apart from stress. However, living a healthy lifestyle is attainable by people who are busy. Here are some ways in which one can maintain a balanced life even when extremely busy.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so that should never be skipped. Having a good and healthy breakfast helps the human body to stay active for an entire day. It is also essential to in-take protein in any form during breakfast. For instance low fat dairy products, eggs, yogurt etc are some excellent forms of protein. A little amount of protein can also be consumed during lunch or dinner.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract and Grains are extremely good for maintaining good health. Consumption of grains in different forms provides energy to the human body all throughout the day. Whole grains are considered to be better than refined flours as whole grains are high in glucose. As a matter of fact, the whole grains do not increase sugar levels. Whole grains also contain more minerals, vitamins and fiber.

In the morning, a single cup of coffee proves to be energizing, increases concentration levels and also improves reaction time. however, getting addicted to caffeine does not help to provide energy or improve reaction time. In fact, it can result in stomach upset or sleeplessness. So it is important to consume only a limited amount of coffee or any other caffeine content products.

Water is extremely essential for the human body. It is significant to hydrate oneself with water throughout the entire course of a day.

The brain consists of 60 % of fatty tissues and it requires renewal for cell membranes at regular intevals. So, it is vital to choose the appropriate fats for the brain. Food products that are rich in omega fatty acids like ground flax seeds, salmon or walnuts are good for the brain. Omega 3 helps to enhance functioning of the brain, helps in stabilizing mood swings and slows down senile dementia. Mood swings can also be avoided by having an apple of low fat cheese sticks.

Although one might have an extremely busy schedule, still finding time to hydrate the body and consume good and healthy food is necessary for the body. The body should also get sufficient amount of rest. A little workout can really help the body to endure all the stress and yet function properly. Visit: for more info.

Reumodol side effects

Reumodol: Is this Supplement Really Answer Arthritis  and Joint Problems?

Reumodol offers  a great way for you to combat pain. You can purchase a bottle via or from the official Reumodol website. The ingredients found in Reumodol include collagen, boswellia, Methylsulfonylmethane, Chondroitin and Glucosamine Sulfate.

Reumodol is affordable at $25 per bottle and is easily accessible because it can be purchased online. You can also obtain customer information about the product on the official site and However, the official site is riddled with errors and this does not help build a credible reputation for the product. Moreover, there are no clinical studies or medical endorsements that Reumodol actually works neither are there are any free trial offers.

Reumodol is not an exceptional supplement when compared with other joint pain supplements on the market. But users have stated that having taken this supplement, it has helped to repair existing tissue damage and reinforce their joints against inflammation, breakdown and degeneration.

Reumodol promises fast-action relief for people suffering from arthritis, join inflammation and back complications.  Some users have testified towards the efficacy of the product and how it helps to suppress pains in the joints, bones, muscles and more.

Reumodol comes with an amazing and 100% all natural patented formula. It comprises of traditional medicine from Mexico and South America that dates back as much as 1,000 years. This is complemented with scientific discoveries centered on the extraction and processing of these natural ingredients.  These ingredients are purified using cutting edge techniques. This is the reason why some people believe Reumodol delivers fast results.

2 Reumodol tablets are to taken every 12 hours if you are suffering from any form of muscular discomfort or joint pain. If you notice a drastic drop in the pain, you can cut your dosage by half and take 1 Reumodol tablet every 12 hours.

Reumodol tablets are specially fortified and contain 1250mg of a potent nature formula alongside 1500mg of Glucosamine. This makes Reumodol a unique product in the marketplace and amongst users. It contains strong anti-inflammatory ingredients that curb pain and help restore the conditioning of the skeletal system.

It is possible to notice a positive change in just a few days after using the drug. However, most people see changes in 2 weeks after using 2 tablets of Reumodol daily. It is said that everyone is meant to improve after a month of constant use. If your problems persist after this duration, see a doctor and let him check out your condition.

Important Safe Sex Tips for HIV Partners

Who said that being HIV-positive is a termination to your sex life? There is a whole range of possibilities of enjoying a safe sex life among HIV partners. HIV/AIDS is a reality that in spite of precautionary measures to avoid infection, it is always advisable to prepare for cases of infection. Whether HIV singles or partners, there should be no reason to shut down a significant aspect of your life as a sex one.

Some of the safe sex tips for HIV partners are discussed below.

• The most common option for safe sex among HIV partners is perhaps the use of condoms. Regardless of the sexual practice (vaginal, anal, or oral), condoms offer the best protection among HIV partners. It is nevertheless key to agree with your partner, this creates an atmosphere of acceptance that enhances the correct use of condoms and greater protection from recurrent infections.

• Notwithstanding, condoms are not solely the option for safe sex for HIV partners, although it still it is the most feasible alternative. Other choices exist in incorporating antiretroviral therapy and HIV treatment, which offer great minimization chances for infection.

• Ensuring/observing a strict HIV medication or treatment procedure goes a long way in helping to lower the HIV viral load in the body. This helps in depressing the chances of transmitting the HIV virus to your partner. It is very key to know that, against the backdrop of all your efforts for safe sex, the virus cannot be completely flushed out of your system and however low the virus load in your blood gets, you remain infectious to your partner.

• Abstinence from penetrative sex is another good option, if you are willing and capable of committing to it. Most people would dismiss any activity that either does not involve vaginal, anal, or oral penetration as sex. However, equal satisfaction can still be obtained from such practices as masturbation and the use of sex toys. This can go either way, first decide with your partner on the conviction of this measure and then explore innovative ways that can deliver optimal sexual pleasure for both of you. Not having penetrative sex is perhaps the surest safer sex practices because among HIV partners.

• Being creative with the sexual activities that you and your partner practice is also a safer sex strategy among HIV partners. Oral sex and anal sex are regarded as the most risky practices among HIV partners – they carry a greater risk for possible infection to the receptive partner. It is advisable to discuss this with your partner, pointing out what you both enjoy and how to incorporate cautious ideas that delivers all the pleasures of a healthy sex life while cushioning yourself from preventable infection.

The tendency of most HIV singles to discard all precautionary sex measures is the worst thing to ever think of. You and your partner can still enjoy a healthy lifetime of normality in your lives by observing very simple easy to observe measures. Use protection at every possible leeway for infection. This starts by accepting your status and then creating an understanding between you and your partner.

On the other hand, HIV singles should limit the number of sexual partners in their life. Screening regularly to monitor the other sexually transmitted infections such as genital herpes, syphilis, and gonorrhea, among others that can be catalytic to severity of HIV infection is vital. This helps in tackling them individually before they advance to ensure easy containment of the HIV virus load in the body while avoiding any possible recurrent HIV infection.

Ketoconazole Shampoos Deliver Benefits for Scalp Conditions

First developed in 1976, ketoconazole has been available on the market since 1981. Topical formulations of 1% ketoconazole are available without a prescription, and the drug is used in a number of products as a result. The drug is an anti-fungal agent that is effective against an array of fungal microorganisms. When the drug comes in contact with fungi, it changes the structure of the protective outer covering of their cells known as the cell wall. These changes cause an imbalance inside of the cells that leads to their destruction.

One of the fungi that ketoconazole is effective at eliminating is malassezia. Nearly all people have traces of this yeast on their skin and don’t experience any symptoms as a result; however, in some individuals, the scalp becomes overpopulated with malassezia, resulting in a very common condition–dandruff! While the yellow, gray and white flakes that signify the presence of dandruff can also be caused by dry skin, scalp irritation and poor hygiene, the yeast seems to play a role in many cases. As a result, many dandruff shampoos and topical treatments contain 1% ketoconazole.

Research into the benefits of ketoconazole continues today, and studies indicate it may have uses beyond the treatment of fungal infections and dandruff. A 1998 trial at the Department of Dermatopathology at the University of Liège in Belgium and published in the journal “Dermatology” found that men who used a ketoconazole hair loss shampoo experienced an improvement in symptoms. Since the study, many researchers have worked to determine how the drug benefits those with alopecia. One theory is that malasezia may play a role in hair loss by causing inflammation that increases the rate of shedding. Another is that ketoconazole interferes with the actions of a male sex hormone called DHT, which is responsible for symptoms of male pattern baldness. Hair loss shampoos like Regenepure DR or Regenepure NT stop the production of DHT and remove buildup from the scalp’s hair follicles. After totally cleansing the scalp, these shampoos stimulate the hair follicles to increase growth.

While science continues to work to understand all of the benefits of ketoconazole, doctors continue to recommend the topical solution and shampoos that contain the drug to patients dealing with dandruff and symptoms of hair loss. Although shampoos do not require a doctor’s prescription, those facing symptoms of hair loss should seek the advice of a doctor, as some serious medical conditions and dietary deficiencies can lead to thinning.

By Simon Shamay – Hair Loss Expert at

Try Garcinia Cambogia & Enjoy Your Healthy, Sexy Body

Are you wondering why Garcinia Cambogia supplements turns out to be a very popular diet pills that bring significant result upon those who consume it. This kind of supplement has been proven clinically in ensuring weight loss without any effort of exercise or diet. Even Dr. OZ recommended this supplement as the most outstanding breakthrough in terms of weight loss. What substances are actually within the supplement?

First of all, let’s take a look at the first advantage that Garcinia Cambogia supplement offers.This supplement can effectively increase the levels of serotonin amount in human’s body in which it is very helpful in reducing one’s appetite desire. The good news is that the reduction of appetite does not cause any restless feeling on the individual who take this supplement. On the other hand, one will feel a good mood attitude that the serotonin brings. When an individual has her serotonin levels increased, then there will be significant reduction in her appetite.

This supplement was initiated by medical experts and has been supervised under reliable, medical experiments. There are thousands of people, who have proven this supplement as an effective way in reducing weight in three times better, as compared to other supplements which are taken along with exercises and diet routines. Garcinia cambogia deals with the process of fat transformation in which it slows down the citrate lyase function, a very vital enzyme which works for converting calories and carbohydrates into fats. There will be significant reduce of individual’s fat so that there will be no suffering effort of severe exercises and strict diet methods. The magic Garcinia Cambogia is the best for metabolism body, thanks to Hydroxycitic acid which is contained in this fruit. The metabolism works well when an individual take this supplement along with green tea or coffee or extract of raspberry.

The existence of Garcinia Cambogia pills and other forms of supplement have been known worldwide though the peopale who live in the same nature of this plant, Indonesia, may rarely consume this supplement. The main reason is its high cost in which not many Indonesian natives can afford it. However, people who live thousands of villages in Indonesia have been using this small fruit for their traditional cuisines. They taste naturally good and have the same impact as the supplement offers.

Beware of some online websites offering low priced of Garcinia Cambogia supplement as they may fake or contain less HCA active ingredients. Make sure that the websites are official retailers because fake supplements can lead to hazardous results.