Reumofan Plus Ingredients

Reumofan Plus Ingredients

Reumofan Plus boasts that it is full of all natural ingredients, but recent lab reports show that this claim may not be 100% true. I am not saying that all of the reumofan plus pills contain these ingredients, there are contradictory views on the subject matter, and other lab reports indicate that they don’t. I feel that it is worth bringing to your attention this recent lab report however and you can then make a decision on whether Reumofan Plus is the best pill for your needs.

The first ingredient that Reumofan Plus could contain is known as ‘Triethyl Citrate’, you shouldn’t really worry about this however. An abundance of it can normally be found in food and it is generally used as a coating for pills. You will more likely than not have ingested this chemical at some point in your life.

Things start going a little crazy from the second ingredient onwards however. Tests are unclear on this and it may be a false match. There are indications that your pill can contain something called ‘Guaifensesin’ which is normally used for unblocking airways of phlegm, which obviously doesn’t sound very pleasant. Why this is present in a arthritis pill is anybody’s guess. Although as I have mentioned previously there is a good chance that this is a false match.

Test results showed that 12.2% of the pill consisted of a psychedelic drug which is prone to causing hallucinations, the short name of this chemical is known as DOTFM and is regularly used a substitute for LSD.

There is at least one natural ingredient in the pill however. This comes in the form of ‘Palmitic Acid’ which is normally found in the oil of palm trees.  It is a well-known hunger-suppressant as it kills the cells in your pancreas.

There is a rather dangerous chemical contained in the pill according the lab report. This is known as methocarbamol. This is generally used as a muscle relaxant, but there are a number of high risk side effects that can be caused by using this particular drug. Due to these side effects this drug is on a list of ‘high risk’ drugs for the elderly and should not be taken by them. It does not seem sensible placing that type of drug in a pill that is mainly going to be used by the older generation.

There is one chemical that is subject to a number of stringent guidelines in the United States. This chemical is known as Phenylacetic Acid. The reason why it is restricted in the United States is because it is used for meth production. Which does beg the question, how are the manufacturers getting hold of this chemical and most importantly, how are they allowed to release the pill as a ‘all natural’ remedy when they use this restricted chemical?

As you can see, there is a good chance that the makers of Reumofan Plus are lying to us. The pill is not all natural ingredients, many people knew that it was too good to be true. If these test results are correct, and there is no reason why they shouldn’t be then the manufacturers need to be brought to account and the pill should be removed from the market.


  • Shall we all put postings on this website regarding the prescription pills our doctors prescribed to us and what they do to our bodies. Why is ok for to take prescription drugs that damage your liver, cause your kidneys to fail, give you shortness of breath, etc, etc, etc. You know why? Because that’s what keeps our pharmacudical companies up and running. If we all starteds taking natural herb medications what would our doctors and pharmacies do. The phjarmacudical companies are making billions and billions of dollars for their drugs. Just because they are FDA approved. So the FDAS approves them because they can tell you what the lethal dosage of the prescription drug is. If you take a pill that is made of all natural ingredients you can find a lethal dosage. I really wish society would wake up and take a look at what our doctors prescribe us to get better (or so we hope we get better). Every tyope of pill a person digest whether prescription or natural is a complete personal choice. Let’s not knock something that has no proof. You read on these websites the Reumofen plus was tested and they found all these ingredients. Why are the lab results not shown then. If it is supposedly so harmful you would think that the lab results from the so called FDA would be posted emmidiately.

    • Amen to that. I totally agree. This has been a blessing for me to take Reumofan Plus. I have more energy now and my pain is bearable. They had me on Vicodin and did it take a toll on me. Had to get off of them because of how terrible I was feeling. I was not myself. I am taking the Reunofan Plus and I can really function now. My life is back. Praise God for natural herbs.

  • I agree as well, FDA puts this big warning up but doesnt tell anyone what their analysis is of the ingredients that they found and how much! There isnt anything on the market that I know of that is as effective as Reumofan Plus. Just as a side note, did you know that we were curing cancer in 1930? Google Raymond Rife. He was one of the most important scientists of this century and they ruined him! I say they, meaning the FDA, American Medical Association, the American Cancer society, the education system and the list goes on, why? If you have a cure for cancer there is no grant money and other funding and it is a billion dollar business! So, lets ask ourselves a question, if we had the cure for cancer in 1930, why are we still bombarding people with Chemo and radiation? We are 80 years advanced from 1930!!!!!! Do you mean to tell me we couldnt have a cure by now? Because they controlled the education system, they never taught new doctors going through med school about him. Those that asked? They said he was a quack! In the mean time, people are dieing from this horrible disease while everyone involved is making billions of dollars! I guess my point is, Im not an FDA supporter, they are incredibly powerful and if they dont like you they can say whatever they want and scare people, kind of like what they did here. Look, if you are going to post a warning like this, list all the ingredients from an independant analysis and how much of those ingredients are there! Reumofan or Riger Labs doesnt want to do it for fear of copying like everyone else who has a trade secret in there product and I understand that. So if you are going to dispute or make a serious charge as FDA has just done, you cant just make a serious accusation and then run home and close the door! Come on FDA lets see whatcha got! So far, nothing!!!

  • I agree with all these comments. All the current medications that are prescribed by doctors , have side effects much more severe thatn what is being said about Reumafan. Obviously Riger has something here! They talk about how dangerous Robaxin is , yet isn’t this product readily available on all store shelves? I’m not getting it! And aren’t there many products currently available that cause stomach bleeding? One particular brand put my cousin in the hospital with numerous proliferations of the stomach ! And again these items are on our store shelves for anyone of any age to buy at their hearts content. Why? Because we are all led to believe its all safe. It’s almost laughable when drug companies advertise their products showing people happy and carefree, then a rushed voice starts listing astonishlng dangerous , life threatening side effects!

    • BINGO! You hit it right on the head Debby. I was watching a commercial the other night and people in the commercial were laughing it up while the voice was tell you how dangerous and potentially fatal the side effects were to this drug! Hows that for your FDA approved drug!

  • how do i take reuofan plus.Mornig noon or night.With or without food etc.I have heard many good reports on this product

    • Jean, Take one every 12 hours with a ful glass of water. Your 12 hour times are up to you whenever its most convenient. For example you could take them 8am and 8pm.

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