Rumoquin NF ingredients

Rumoquin NF ingredients

Do you suffer from Back Pain? If you have been suffering from back pain for some time now and the pain of the lower back has descended into the leg area, or along both, it is likely that the pain comes from the sciatic nerve, which is under pressure due to a displacement of the disc, in turn caused by the fact that the back corner is left open too long.

The typical pains that accompany back problems can be divided into 3 groups:

  • Neck pain: painful restriction on the movement of the neck, possible dizzy and headache syndromes
  • Back pain chest pain that may radiate upward and downward, especially in the trunk rotations and maintenance of standing for long periods
  • Back pain, the most common form of acute low back pain is known as “whiplash” Another symptom is the asymmetry of the trunk.

Often Rumoquin NF is used to treat back pains.

What are the ingredients in Rumoquin NF?
Rumoquin NF is a little purple pill that contains Fenibutazona 100mg.,metocarbamol 200mg.,Betametasona0.50mg. Often this combination is used to treat various conditions, such as arthritis or other similar painful aches like back pains too that can cause inflammation. This pill is base on nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory like Phenybutazone and Betamethasone that is a type of steroid. To help relax the muscles there is Methocarbamol a muscle relaxant

NF RUMOQUIN also contains dexamethasone among its components. Dexamethasone is one of the most potent steroids available on the market. Being so powerful, it is also expected to be more aggressive in its side effects
Using steroid drugs with corticosteroid has the power of treating localized pain which is very power, and very specific. This should be administered under strict supervision of a physician. The drug is a prescription drug and requires a prescription issued by a physician specializing in internal medicine, to avoid the indiscriminate use of the drug and to some extent ensure that it is used only by physicians with knowledge of its use.

How does Rumoquin NF I work
Rumoquin NF being a corticosteroid drug it results in a condition known as Cushing’s syndrome, which is an organic response to prolonged exposure or high concentrations of corticoesteroideas hormones.
Some people that have been using Rumoquin NF are reluctant to move onto another drug as it relieves pain fast and effectively even though there are many side effects to taking a corticoesteroideas drug


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