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  • Ronald E. Matuska

    June 23, 2012 at 7:13 pm

    I am 67 and have suffered from a deteriorated Medial Meniscus in my left knee due to a motorcycle accident in 1981. As a matter of fact, my orthopedic doctor stated that it is “bone to bone contact.” I also suffer from lower back pain near and above my left hip (also due to the motorcycle accident) where my socket was broken requiring an open reduction and two screws. I underwent a fibular osteotomy to get my left tibia to grow back together (it took 18 months). Add to this the Shingles I had back in 2003 which damaged one of the ganglia on the right side of my spine between my shoulder blades. I have had 3 heat attacks, one requiring quadruple bypass surgery, and one requiring 4 stints, plus I suffer from arthritis. IF ANYTHING CAN GET RID OF MY PAIN, EVEN FOR ONE SECOND, I WOULD RATHER LIVE FOR ONE SECOND WITHOUT PAIN, THEN 10 MORE YEARS WITH IT. REUMOFAN GETS RID OF MY PAIN! NO DOCTOR SO FAR HAS BEEN ABLE TO PRESCRIBE ANY MEDICATION THAT IS STRONG ENOUGH WITHOUT INTERACTING WITH THE PLAVIX BLOOD THINNER I AM PRESENTLY TAKING OTHER THAN TRAMADOL (WHICH ALSO HAS SIDE EFFECTS).

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