Anatabloc side effects

Anatabloc side effects

The anatabloc is claimed to be a dietary supplement contributes in the healing of chronic inflammation and joint pain. This dietary supplementary claims to have miraculous effect on those suffering from a prolong muscular pain, inflammation, arthritis and joint pain. This is one such supplement which is not recognized by FDA and is available without medical recommendation. The supplement is known to work on the protein and enzyme to heal the unwanted body pains. The Anatabloc is a NSAID and therefore prolong usage is unsafe for senior citizens. In fact recent studies have revealed casualty of 1 out of every 500 users above 70 years and at least 1 out of 100 suffers from gastrointestinal bleeding.Morever the anti inflammatory supplements drugs have negative effect on our health ,no matter how much it contributes in healing the pain.

 Mannitol is an important ingredient of Anatabloc known for misbalancing the electrolyte and fluid of the body. In some cases it is responsible for the loss of electrolyte .This chemical composition is avoided since it has numerous negative side effects .Some of the commonly reported effects are edema, dryness of our mouth,fever,chest pain, skin necrosis,nausea,arm pain,vomiting,headache,chill,dehydration,diziness,thrombophlebits,rhinitis,hypotension,blurred vision and tachcardia.Mannitol is strictly forbidden for patients suffering from heart failure( congestive) and anuria.

 Silicon Dioxide or silicon better known as horsetail is a kind of herb and is abundant in planet Earth. It is a potential danger for our kidney and affects the renal function. Thus any supplementary or drug with silicon dioxide if consumed for a prolong period of time can result in renal failure .This is a terminal condition and do not have any kind of treatment. Silicon dioxide is sometime recommended for its diuretic property. In other words this molecule is capable of extracting water form our body cell. Thus if you take diuretics on daily basis it may lead to dehydration. Another study revealed that if silicon dioxide or horsetail is consumed for a prolong period of time it is likely that your body will be devoid of thymine as silicon is known to contain the enzyme called thiaminase that breaks down the thiamine in our body.

 Another ingredient Stearic Acid is considered to be an ingredient with moderate hazard. Several studies revealed that stearidc acid has limited contribution towards cancer .However other side effects like the organ toxicity, skin irritation and neurotoxicity cannot be ignored.

 The hydroxypropyl methylcellulose contains certain inactive ingredients that are responsible for allergic reactions and various other problems.
 The prime source from where the Magnesium Stearate is isolated includes hydrogenated cotton seed and palm oil. These oils usually contain harmful toxins and hazardous pesticides that are particularly injurious to human health. It has also been noticed that excess consumption of this composition is known to inflame the lining membrane of intestine and stomach. The continuous inflammation of these membranes will result in nausea, vomiting, cramps and diarrhea. This kind of condition is termed as gastroenteritis.

 Finally, Methyparaben is responsible for the respiratory disorders .The molecule is known to abscess the throat .Thus creating an obstacle in our breathing process. It is responsible for regular indigestion since it contributes in forming comestible ulcers. However the threatening aspect of methyparaben is it contributes to breast cancer.

Similar supplementary are known to do miracles in their individual sectors yet if we consider the long term effect this kind of drugs or supplementary are hazardous for any human body.


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