Health Benefits of Chlorella

Health Benefits of Chlorella

Are you tired or being tired? I’ve tried a lot of different supplements but nothing got my wagon pumping like Chlorella. I first came across chlorella in accommodation revelstoke tripadvisor.This article will focus on the benefits of chlorella and how it can help you re-energize and re-set your system.

Chlorella: This is a green single-celled algae which grows in the fresh waters of Japan. Yes Japan was hit by radiation, but not to fret, the majority of chlorella on the market has already been picked, prepped and packaged pre-radiation. An amazing characteristic of chlorella is the CGF (Chlorella Growth Factor), which means it quadruples itself every 24 hours, making it the fastest growing plant in the entire planet. This is beneficial for us because it increases our body’s ability to repair, and multiplies the good bacteria in our bellies.

Chlorella is incredible because it increases the number of red blood cells in your body. As mentioned before, they help deliver oxygen to our cells; and more oxygen equals more radiance. Also, the more oxygen to or cells the more energy we have. In Japan they take chlorella just like we take vitamin C. It is an immune booster and promotes your body to move into an alkaline state. Studies show the more alkaline your body the more radiant you will be.

But lets not stop there! Chlorella is also rich in protein and has 12 times more digestible protein than beef. It also helps balance our blood sugar levels and wards off sugar cravings. Chlorella alaso helps our thyroid because it is high in iodine. The job of your thyroid is to absorb iodine from our blood which helps to make and distribute hormones. If our blood is iodine deficient, your thyroid will suffer; and may turn sluggish. This sucks because your metabolism will slow down and make you fat.

Chlorella is also rich in detoxification properties and helps remove heavy metals, toxins and crap from our body. When you have a dose of chlorella its like infusig your blood with an instant transfusion of amazingness!


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