Crown and Bridge Modern Dental Techniques

Crown and Bridge Modern Dental Techniques

crowns-and-bridges-240x240Modern dentistry is getting ever more innovative. There are a number of technologies and treatments available to increase the longevity of our teeth. There are many ways to fix and care for teeth that have been damaged or gone bad. Two common restorative devices available are the crown and bridge.

Dental Crown

A dental crown is a cap that fits over your original tooth. A cap is normally made in a dental laboratory prepared by a dental technician ready to be fitted by your dentist. There are a variety of reasons for using a crown. A damaged tooth is the most common reason to have a crown. For example, if there has been a large filling, and little tooth remaining, a crown helps strengthen the tooth. It can also help the functioning of the tooth ie to chew food with. A crown can improve the appearance of teeth by adjusting the alignment of the crown and changing the shape. A crown can be made of many different materials. Most are made of porcelain or ceramic but manufacturers are always adapting the materials to improve the end product. A tooth crown can be also be used as part of a dental bridge.

Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is a replacement tooth that is used if you have missing teeth. Teeth naturally move to fill gaps in the mouth. This can lead to crooked teeth, therefore a well fitting false tooth attached between the adjoining teeth ‘bridges’ the gap, keeping your teeth nicely aligned. Dental bridges are important to keep the patients teeth looking good but also to keep the functionality and comfort of their teeth.

Dental professionals are always looking for ways to make restorations and dental devices better. There is an increasing need to improve the appearance and longevity of crowns and bridges.


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