Medi check – health check

Medi check – health check

Want to be able to check your health but nervous around needles? Our Well Person Check can be completed on a simple finger prick blood sample.  This simple health check is for men and women of all ages who would like a comprehensive insight into their current state of health. Using just the blood sample and a health and lifestyle assessment questionnaire we can provide you peace of mind.

Whether you want to check-out a condition that runs in your family, or simply want the reassurance of knowing your body is in full working order, then our Well Person Check gives you the information you need to take control of your future health and well-being, and all without the hassle of having to go to your doctor for various blood tests, making it easier to look after your health without impacting on your busy schedule.

The Well Person Check consists of over 40 different tests designed to check the function of your major body organs, such as your heart, liver and kidneys. It also can help identify future health risks such as heart disease, bowel cancer and diabetes.

Many people only seek medical help when they experience symptoms. Our Well Person Check flags up any underlying health issues that could cause problems in the future, thereby allowing you to make the necessary lifestyle changes to avoid more serious health issues down the line.

The process is simple. Once the test has been ordered Medichecks will send you a home-to lab finger prick test kit which allows you to take the blood sample at a convenient time for you in the comfort of your own home. The health check will also require you to complete an online medical history questionnaire which will be analysed alongside the results of your Well Person Check.

The £179 price included all postage and packaging and the confidence that your health check will be completed by a medical professional. All samples are analysed in a private accredited laboratory and your results will be fully explained via a confidential telephone consultation with a medical advisor. You will also receive the results of your health check in a personalised medical report which will detail and explain all aspects of your results and medical history. It will also contain pro-active advice and information on how you could possibly improve your health. On top of this you will also have secure online access to your medical reports and results held on our secure web servers (a hard copy can be posted if required).

We are currently offering a chance to get this health check completely free! By signing up for our newsletter you will be automatically entered into our monthly prize draw. Our monthly newsletter contains valuable advice when it comes to your health and lifestyle as well as keeping you up to date with our latest offers.

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