Expiry Date on Shakeology

Expiry Date on Shakeology

About Shakeology

Shakeology is a meal replacement shake. Its ingredients include whey protein, probiotic enzyme blend, superfruit blend, proprietary adaptogen blend, quinoa, chia, sacha inchi and a variety of other  ingredients, depending on the flavour of shakeology. It is supposed to health and boost energy levels, reduce food cravings and enhance digestion.

Launched in 2009 in the Chocolate and Greenberry flavour, it has come a long way today. Many people in the United States are actively switching over to shakeology as a healthier alternative. For many people who gym regularly but were unable to contain their weight or accumulated fat, this health drink has come as a god sent gift.

Who Uses it the Most and where to buy?

Most people using shakeology drinks are regular gym goers and athletes. However with the increasing reach of internet, all it takes is a single post to become a sensation and catch the attention of the masses. So today, the consumer base of Shakeology is far much wider and extensive than what was initially expected at the time of its launch. Today, operations have spread globally and shakeology finds many consumers all across the world, and this is not a only a gym going population.

The shakeology drink is

Is it safe to consume?

The answer is yes. It has passed all tests of food security norms and there is no reason not to consume it. It is primarily a product used by people trying to lose some weight and it acts as an effective food supplement. In addition to this, it is known to reduce any sort food cravings outside of meal hours. It is an obvious conclusion that avoiding random food cravings are the most effective tactic to keep increasing weight in check. To make the product even more acceptable to the masses, shakeology is now supplied in a variety of flavours. However the best thing about shakeology is that it contains no artificial colours or fake ingredients.

Where to look on the Pack for Expiry Date

Like with any food product, shakeology too has its expiration date. As a consumer, one must always try to buy food or dietary supplements well within the date of expiration. The shakeology supplement has solid embossed date of expiry present at the edge of the packet that it is supplied in. Shakeology is usually supplied in plastic specially treated to keep the elements of nature out, and the expiry date on the pack indicates that it is safe to consume shakeology within a year of manufacture, primarily due to the presence of certain natural ingredients which have a lower shelf life. So depending on the use and storage, a pack of shakeology is valid for a year.

Again, if one is not able to locate the date on the pack, all one has to do is run their fingers on the edge of the cover, in search of braille embossing that is made onto all packs.

Off late shakeology began shipments in canisters as well. The expiry date on them is printed on a tag at the bottom of the cannister.

The cannister versions have more storage quantity and are better sealed. Thus they may have a greater shelf life even after they are opened.


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