Treat your gun with perfect fit holster

Treat your gun with perfect fit holster

For many gun owners around the world, the beauty of owning a gun is its uniqueness. Sure, we all can share the same goal: To own and use a gun safely. However, there are all sorts of similarities between people and what we are looking for in our indoor or outdoor shooting experiences. We embrace diversity and appreciate the ability to enjoy the same sports and hobbies with others.

We create solutions for everyone in the industry to meet our customer’s needs and help keep the sport and hobby we all love safe. It’s about time someone took the time to bring all the great features that we share under one banner.

We received the highest ratings in verifiable customer feedback. Feel confident that we will continue to stand behind our time proven manufacturing process and outstanding customer service. We look forward to continuing to innovate new products and delivering outstanding customer service to make sure you’re always satisfied.

We offer different styles, retention systems, designs, and leather and lining options to meet the needs of every customer. We only use the highest quality leather that is choiceized to fit with the color and fabric of the wallet. Our online experience introduces customers to our custom built leather gun holsters to ensure total satisfaction with the product.

Each and every holster is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Choose from over a 6-line graphic custom design or choose from our large array of pre-designed holsters based on your body measurements. If you’d like to have something just a bit more personalized, we offer personalized case work.

Our gun holsters have been used by officers, military veterans, active duty and reserve military, and those who just like comfort and customization in carrying a gun. Each whole gun is handpicked and individually inspected for quality before being packaged up ready for shipping. Gun holsters are proudly made in the USA from US-manufactured genuine leather, tough phone case material, high-quality brass hardware, and rugged elastic band carriers. Taking our time to ensure each order is as comfortable as possible and quality-checked is our absolute top priority. We want you to be completely happy with the way your gun is presented to you on your next trip out the door. We’ll even assist you in shipping your order to ensure that you receive an efficient and timely service.

We have seen and used most types of holsters on the market today from those made of cardboard to leather to even aluminum. In every experience we have had, from using the best-known high-end brands to supplying our very own line of questions, we have consistently come to the conclusion that there will be a gun hidden safely in a quality leather holster. With proper care and consideration, a quality leather holster will keep that gun locked down. This is the specific mindset we want to build when going about expanding into the gun accessory market.


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