Reumofan Plus Side Effects

Reumofan Plus Side Effects

Thousands of people each day rely on Reumofan Plus to relieve their symptoms of arthritis, in particular rheumatism. If you are one of these people go grab the bottle now. Take a look at it and you will notice that it claims that it contains natural ingredients. Now take another look, you will notice that it has not been endorsed by any pharmaceutical board, at the most it will have FDA approval. What the bottle isn’t tell you however is that this pill is not made out of all natural ingredients, in fact, that is far from the truth. Recent laboratory reports have shown that it contains a number of rather dangerous chemicals if they are taken over a longer period of time, what’s worse is that this pill can end up being fatal to the older generation. Let’s take a look at the lab report.

I mentioned that one drug in this pill is dangerous to old people. This drug is known as Methocarbamol, or you may know it as it’s trade name ‘Robaxin’. My mother, who is a pharmacist let out an audible gasp when I told her that this pill contains that. This drug is normally never prescribed by doctors due to the potential side effects that it have. When it is prescribed to people it is NEVER prescribed to older people. The side effects are hideous ranging from random fainting, to drowsiness to a change in the colour of your urine. It really is not pleasant.

Would you ever try LSD? No, of course you wouldn’t. Reumofan Plus may contain a drug that has been successfully substituted for LSD in trials relating to rats. Luckily there is a good chance that this drug presence was simply a false match. However would you really want to take it if there is a good chance that a hallucinogenic drug can be found within the pill? I certainly wouldn’t.

The creators of Reumofan Plus state that the pill is made of all natural ingredients which help ease the pain. If this is the case however, how do they explain the presence of Diproqualone? This drug is a well-known drug for easing inflammation in the body. It is suspected that this is the main active ingredient within the pill, however tests were inconclusive about what the main function of this reumofan plus ingredient actually is. It is fair to state however, this batch of pills that have been tested do not function on natural ingredients.

Of course, this lab report was based on one batch of pills. I understand that reumofan plus is manufactured in a number of different factories and whilst some may stick to the ‘natural ingredients’ it is clear that not all of them are. Therefore I believe that more stringent checking needs to be brought into place, otherwise reumofan plus should be taken off the market. It is in my opinion that the drug is too dangerous to be marketed in the way that it currently is, especially since it is based on nothing more than a pack of lies.




  • I have been using this product for about 1 month and have had great results. I do know that there are counterfeit pills in almost identical packaging being sold and easy to get if you are not careful. Are these the pills that are being tested? Or, are they the real Reumofan?

    • My mother and I started taking Reumofan Plus over two years ago and were amazed that it was effective after 3 days. Easier mobility and general better health. Two months ago I developed shingles and decided to stop taking non essential medication, including R Plus. After 3 weeks the withdrawal symptoms were dreadful ( shingles mild and finished). Constantly tired and falling asleep, itchy eyes, complete loss of appetite,bowel movements changed, periods of accute depression, swollen head and pillow feet etc etc.Advised my mother to stop taking them and she developed the same symptoms. Would warn anyone taking them that they should see their doctor. Oh I also put on 2 stone in less than a year, at least the lack of appetite is redressing that issue.

      • that most likely because you are taking every day, I take 1 or maybe two per week, and I feel fantastic, I have major foot and knee problems, and if I don’t take these, I have a very hard time walking and of course pain, and sometimes when I feel a little pain coming on, I take one before bed, and I feel great in the morning, and last for about 3 days + -.

      • First off every body in the world who has at one time had chickenpox has the shingles virous in your system already so you can’t tie it to Reumofan ,secondly sounds like there are othe underlining issues with your mother that brought all this on , not Reumofan.
        Have your mother get a major blood work done and then tell me this was all brought on by Reumofan.I don’t think so.

    • Red,
      you can tell by the bottle or the box if it is fake, the Real bottle has RED outline on the Shiny Gold star on the front of the box or bottle, now, my ex bought a bottle over the net, and it was FAKE, BUT, she said it still worked, but did not give her energy or make her restless at night, but as far as pain, she said they worked fine, so I guess it would be worth a try.

    • Ok this makes me laugh when I read this page, why is it everytime a suppliment or all natural suppliment comes along that really works for folks gets the big hammer from the FDA, Oh ya that’s right the Big drug company’s can’t make a buck off the product.i personal know a dozen folks ages ranging from the 40s to the mid 80s who take Reumofan Plus and have for the last couple years,None have ever had a so called symptom or side affect that is claimed in this artical,NONE, REPEAT AGAIN , NONE.My very own brother just had some major blood work done, guess what it was all normal, go figure, all I can say is when you sit in front of your night time TV and watch all the drug commercials ie: EMBREL,after hearing the list of side affects I think I would rather have the problem the take that medication , which by the way was approved by the FDA. Go figure.

      • Amen to that Woody. I have bad arthritis in all my joints. I need knee replacements and when I took the Reumo-plus I felt great. No side effects at all. I tried ordering again but never received it because I was told it was taken off the market. Now I am back to the pain & suffering and now I can’t even walk. It was such a relief to get up everyday and feel great like you had a new beginning on life.You are right tho, something good like this, the FDA has to stick its foot in it.

  • The FDA report claims to have found what looks like a witch’s brew of prescription drugs in reumofan. But the person who recommended it to me has an acquaintance who owned a pharmaceutical company. He used his contacts with the CEO of the company to have reumofan tested. The results were all natural ingredients only were found, shockingly diametrically opposed to the FDA. Go figure. If so, then it must have some powerful herbs in it that require caution. Worked immediately for me as well as my naproxen. Looks like a mistake to take the recommended dosage continuously. I like the once/twice a week option.

  • ppl this does work…the goverment just want to prevent a product that actually work…because it would mean the end of all other pain relivers…which is no more money for them…they want to control what we take in…if the fda wa so stick how come they arnt puttong labled on the meat that has glue in it that has been proven to cause cancer???

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