Many people nowadays are turning to reumofan plus to ease their arthritis pain. The website makes many claims about the all-natural ingredients have no side effects and how they can be used a lot without developing a tolerance to them. A select number of people around the world have noticed that they have experienced many side effects after taking these pills. A number of these side effects were synonymous with steroid abuse. These people have started a campaign to find out exactly what the reumofan plus ingredients are. The first lab reports are in, and it really doesn’t look pretty. Let’s take a look at what the report found.

First off, no steroids were found present within the pills used for this laboratory report. There is a chance that the ingredients used in the pills are fairly erratic and steroids could be found in other batches. I shall not discuss this though as of yet there is no legitimate proof that this is true. What I can discuss however are the ingredients that this laboratory report highlighted.

The ingredients list starts out fairly normal. Ok it isn’t natural but it can pass due to its use in many pharmaceutical products as well as a food additive. This ingredient is called ‘Triethyl Citrate’ and is used for the coating of the tablet.

Perhaps the most dangerous drug that inhibited this pill is ‘Robaxin’, this is a known drug that becomes addictive. It acts as a mild sedative. It also has a number of unsavoury side effects such as mood changes and skin rashes. It can even change the colour of your urine black. The most dangerous thing about this chemical is that it is forbidden for use in older people. Now think about it, who are the people that are most likely to need reumofan plus to relieve them of their symptoms?

The active ingredient is thought to be Diproqualone. This drug is normally associated with relieving inflammation with the body. You can look on the positive side that at least one of the ingredients in reumofan plus is doing what it says. Of course however, it’s not natural. Regular use of this drug will stop it being as potent and therefore it will not relieve your symptoms after some use.

It quickly starts becoming more dangerous as time goes on. Luckily the first chemical highlighted is likely to be a false match. This is DOTFM which has successful been used a substitute for LSD, which of course means it isn’t the safest type of drug in the world, particularly if the person taking the pill is already prone to hallucinations.

I am not saying that all pills that are marketed as ‘Reumofan Plus’ contain these ingredients. In fact many of the pills may be fairly legitimate and contain natural ingredients. It could be assumed that many manufacturers are jumping on the bandwagon due to the popularity of the product and supplying these fake pills. It does highlight however that there are irregularities between the pills and until these irregularities are sorted out the import should be banned. This is for the health of many of the people taking it. If you want to relieve the symptoms of your arthritis then get to your doctor, they know what to prescribe you and you will feel much better because of it.


  • With a history of cronic pain I can tell you that consulting many doctors and physical therapists and following many courses of treatment never offered any relief. Reumofan Plus was recommended to me by several friends who had experienced tremendous relief from pain when using it. When I began taking Reumofan my pain subsided and I was able to return to an active lifestyle. I would be very reluctant to give up taking a supplement that, literally, gave me my life back. You have no idea the depression that can set in when one is in constant pain and unable to carry out the most basic of activities.

  • Before taking Reumofan Plus, I could only mow one yard a day. By 5 p.m., I was sitting down in my chair, and basically not moving until bedtime. When I started taking Reumofan Plus, within two days, I was still working in the yard until 9 p.m. in the evening. I can work along side of my teenage boys, and some days, actually outwork them.

    To get this kind of relief from a doctor, I would be spending hundreds of dollars on injections and prescriptions, along with the doctor visits. The cost alone is a big incentive to stay with Reumofan Plus, but being pain free means far more to me than the money.

    The amounts of Ibuprofen and Nsaids that I was taking just to attempt to achieve some semblance of pain relief would give me more chance of toxicity than the microscopic amounts found in the Reumofan Plus.

    I, for one, will not stop taking Reumofan Plus. None of the side effects or symptoms described have manifested in me. It is my belief that the US drug companies are seeing a potential loss in profit to Reumofan Plus, and they are doing what they can to get this wonderful product banned.

  • i cant believe all these because i used reumofan and help me with my pain when i couldnt even walk and now all these i hope they makeit available for us i dont want to give it up please i want to know were to buy it

  • You may find Reumfan at a swapmeet called Vine land swapmeet in La Puente California. I saw the product there, and thoughtI should look it up prior to purchasing it. I have been on NSAID drurgs for months now. With some relief but not complete.

    • I went off reumofan after two years of taking it and went back to the doctors advice. I was miserable, the joints got worse…methotrexate, prednisone,plaquenil, and sulfasalazine had me in the ER. I don’t know what’s in this S–t but I just do a liver cleanse monthly, pray, drink h2o and am thankful for being able to walk.

  • Unable to walk or do anything physically till i tried reumofan plus . The V.A had me on percsett,diclofinate and endomethasin all by trial and error to see what might work. The side effects of any of these expensive pharmacuticals is much greater than the reumofan plus. COME ON FDA YOU LIVE IN PAIN FOR OVER YEARS THAN FIND AN INEXPENSIVE PILL that allows you to lead a normal pain free life @ 60. I was ready to throw in the towel after being unable to work,loseing my home,car,and mind in pain thru the trial & error period using all the precription drugs. Then tried reumofan plus and am now able to have the will to try to rebuild my life. Approve it for use in the USA so we are not the lab rats for expensive presciption drugs. 1 bottle is only $30. Lasts for 1 to 2 mo. (Has 30 tabs)

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