Rumoquin NF Side Effects

Rumoquin NF Side Effects

The rumoquin nf is dietary supplement manufactured by the Riger Natural in Mexico. The supplement is mostly available through online purchase and from the flea markets in Mexico. This supplement is strongly forbidden by the FDA, since it is known to cause serious damage to human body. The FDA in fact had dealt this issue directly with the Mexican Government and has requested to ban the product. Henceforth the ministry of Health (Mexico) has ordered the manufacturer to recall back the product from the retail market.

One single rumoquin nf is known to contain the following ingredients.

Fenibutazona 100 mg

Dexametasona 0.75

Methocarbamol 200 mg

Every single tablet contains 200mg of Methocarbamol .This particular molecule is not safe for human body. Several surveys and feedbacks have reported numerous side effects .It has also been observed that prolong use of medicine containing methocarbamol is contributes for the following side effects:

  • Chill, decreases the heartbeat, convulsion, jaundice and many more.
  • Some of the common dermatological condition related to methocarbamal is pruritus, thrombophlebitis, urticaria, rash and sloughing
    • In minor cases the molecule is known to have the following ocular conditions conjunctivitis, diplopia, nystagmus, vision.
    • Some of the common respiratory conditions are anaphylaxis, nasal congestion and bronchospasm.
    • Methocarbamol is known to interfere with our gastrointestinal organs and contributes to the following side effects: gastrointestinal upset, ileus and anorexia.

Dexamethanose is another important part of rumoquin nf .Each tablet contains 0.75 mg of dexamethanose.The patients using rumoquin nf   are known to suffer from the following side effects.

  • Many noticed blood in stool.
  • Uneven heart beat (du do low concentration of potassium).
  • Issues related to clear vision.
  • Depression, convulsion and unusual behavior.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Acute pain in upper abdomen accompanied by nausea, vomiting and acute headache.

Patients consuming this molecule for a prolong period of time are known to suffer form innumerable complications .Scientists are indeed struggling to produce a complete list that can reflect the danger related to this dietary supplement  .However  some other side effect of dexamethanose are :

  • Regular consumption of the this dietary supplement can affect the musculosketala part of human body .Some of the commonly noticed side effects are muscle weakness, ,osteoporosis, humoral heads,reduction of muscle masses, , pathologic fracture,ruptures of tendon etc.
  • Some of the common endocrine conditions are pituitary unresponsiveness, secondary adrenocortical and suppresses the growth of children.
  • The rumoquin nf also affects our nervous system. It is known to cause malaise, psychic disturbances, arthralgia, myalgia, papilledema, hiccups etc.
  • The Dexamethanose is responsible for dis-balancing the nitrogen content; it decreases the carbohydrate content and interferes the glucose tolerance of the body. Some of the well known metabolic conditions responsible for this dietary supplement are weight gain, hypokalemic, hirsutism etc.

Every rumoquin nf is known to contain 100 mg Fenibutazona. This particular molecule is not recommended for human health. Several researches have revealed that an overdose or prolong use of this molecule can lead to serious side effects .Some of the common side effects of Fenibutazona are: internal hemorrhage(link to wikipedia) , blood dyscrasia (link to wikipedia), oral lesions, GI ulcers (link to wikipedia), weakness, excessive thirst. This molecule is strictly forbidden during pregnancy as it may prove fatal to the growing embryo.


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